Just Like That, I am Back

 If I said I was back, would you believe me? Blogging is complicated, and there are so many "get rich quick" blogging schemes that make it look like you are a lost cause if you are not currently earning money blogging. And why are you even blogging if you don't have multiple streams of income and entertainment. If you don't have a brand? I do have this website, but I do not have Instagram, Twitter, TikTok (you don't want to see me dance), or whatever is next.  Heck, I haven't even updated this since before the pandemic. So why am I here, writing about being back and then, probably ghosting for another two years? Life has been rough. It's been painful and overwhelming. I am so thankful for you my readers, or what is left of you. I am so thankful you are reading this post. I am so thankful that you are still committed to making the world a more exciting and more sustainable place.  Keep up-cycling my friends, and you never know, I might be back again with an

New Spine New Me

Welcome back, friends. I know it's been a minute. Life is just life and while I love writing more than anything having time to keep up a blog is not an easy task. So what has happened in the interim? I got a new spine, well, kind of. I had ACDF surgery to remove a herniated disc in my neck and then fused two vertebrae with the new disc (actually a cadaver bone). I've gone back to vegetarianism. I've realized I have dyspraxia - thank goodness I finally know why I have no clue what is left versus what is right. So what have you been up too? Till next time (maybe in another four years), Bina

Four Years Later....

Who takes up blogging after a four-year hiatus. This girl.  Really Old Picture But you see the blogging world has changed; I am so behind on the latest blogging trends, I might as well just start over.  I thought about that, I mean this bad boy needs so much updating it's not funny, but there are over 500 posts, and I just can't let that go. I've also thought about what the new blog would be about?  It came down to three of four things that I am still passionate about: running (who and I kidding I haven't run in six months), my kids (which is a whole new world as they are fun, unique, and neurodiverse little ones), Rehabbing houses (but I kind of stink at it), and sustainable living (still a fan not much has changed there).  So over the next few months, I plan on getting this blog back in order, relearning what blogging even is now, and posting away. I've also decided that I will not have any more pictures of my kids, They are super cute, but you kn

Giving Up Facebook

There is no easy way to say it.  My name is Robin and I'm a Facebook addict. It was so fun catching up with friends and family that I hadn't seen in years. I loved the pictures, the commentary. I could do without the religious rankings and political arguments, but whatever works for you. There was something magical about creating little groups, supporting each other, and being an online community. Then it happened. Slowly I became obsessed with Facebook. I couldn't go to sleep without spending an hour looking at what everyone is up to. Posts occasionally got competitive. I mean you want it to look like your life and family are amazing so posting pictures of the cool things you do slowly becomes more important than the super cool things that you are doing at the time. It's annoying, and suddenly your online life is so perfect that you can not even live up to it. So this second or is it third day of lent I am giving up Facebook.  I am living life without trying to prove a

This Post will Change Your Life

Not really. It's just been so darn long since I have actually blogged I figure a catchy title would grab your attention. Are big things in the works, maybe? I would love to get this blog up and running again. I want to be writing again, and I want to be crafting again. Will it happen? Stay tuned!

Coming Clean: Or How I Spent Spring Break

I'm a hoarder. It is so darn bad that I have been hoarding this paint for four years. My bedroom is currently a lovely shade of purple.  I mean it's not horrid, it's just not me. So here is the before: And fingers crossed the after will come soon. Stay tuned!

I Cloth Diaper

Baby number three is the proud owner of an adorable array of cloth diapers. Well actually I am, she's not even one so what does she care. I switched from the land of disposables to cloth on baby number three because wow did a lot of diapers from my babies bottoms end up in the landfill.