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 If I said I was back, would you believe me? Blogging is complicated, and there are so many "get rich quick" blogging schemes that make it look like you are a lost cause if you are not currently earning money blogging. And why are you even blogging if you don't have multiple streams of income and entertainment. If you don't have a brand? I do have this website, but I do not have Instagram, Twitter, TikTok (you don't want to see me dance), or whatever is next.  Heck, I haven't even updated this since before the pandemic. So why am I here, writing about being back and then, probably ghosting for another two years? Life has been rough. It's been painful and overwhelming. I am so thankful for you my readers, or what is left of you. I am so thankful you are reading this post. I am so thankful that you are still committed to making the world a more exciting and more sustainable place.  Keep up-cycling my friends, and you never know, I might be back again with an

Project Recycled - Week 2: Shirt Challenge

Thank you so much for joining me to celebrate another wonderful week of recycled goodness!
I am so happy to welcome back all six contestants and show you what they created from an old shirt. The creativity is just making my jaw drop to the ground!

Please click on through to check out this weeks amazing entries and vote. You can vote once every 24 hours so feel free to come back and pick your favorite again tomorrow.

Paisley shirt refashion

A thrifted large paisley shirt, which cost $2.

Has been refashioned into a sleeveless tunic, together with a thin obi belt.

Using craft ribbon and one of the shirt sleeves to make an obi belt, and the other sleeve to make ruffle flowers handstitched to the front of the tunic. The front of the original paisley shirt, is now buttons down the back.
Women's Shirt to Girls Dress

I enjoyed looking at everyone's entries in round one of Project Recycled. There were so many fabulous ideas. I'm pleased to have made it into round two. Thanks to everyone who voted for my first project.
This week's project is to take a shirt and turn it into something else. I've used a woman's shirt and turned it into a little girl's dress, complete with flower headband. Just as well my photography skills are not up for voting. The photos were taken on different days under different lighting conditions. First step was to take off the sleeves and reshape the armholes to fit a much smaller arm. I finished the armholes with some bias I made from purple and white polka dot fabric I had in my stash.

The neckline on the original shirt was way too low for a little girl. To overcome this, I made a gathered insert and hand stitched in place. The shirt was the perfect length for a dress, but too wide. To take width off the top, I unpicked the bodice and side seams, took out the gathering for the bust, cut off fabric at the side and restitched. I added a belt and tabs on the waistline.

To complete the outfit, I've made a little flower headband, using offcuts and a button from the sleeve, as well as the purple polka dot and elastic from my stash.

The old shirt is now a cute, little girl's dress and headband. All that remains of the original is one sleeve and the band from the second sleeve, both added to my stash for another day...
Button Up Shirt too Skirt

Oh Happy Day!  Week 2 and time for some shirt Rehab!!!

Oh decisions... I knew what shirt but what to make.. think it is time for another skirt,.. and this from the girl who had to be forced to wear skirts and dressed when a kid! I found this wonderful reddish brown silk like shirt at Goodwill... fabric is very silky like and love the color.  I also wanted some contrast so grabbed this striped shirt out of my closet... it was a tad too short, so did not wear it as much as I should!

(can you tell I forgot to take a photo until I cut the sleeve off?) 

Now, what kind of skirt... there are several tutorials about making a skirt from a men's dress shirt, but I wanted something different.. I also did not want elastic.... soooooo decided to use the cuffs as the skirt band!!!  Yeppers, then to put on.. are you ready for it?

All you have to do is, unbutton the cuff!!  And, with these cuffs.. they actually have two buttons so you can make your "waist" bigger or smaller  (depends on the day or the meal!")

The other thing I wanted.. an asymmetrical skirt.. Love them!  Ever since I had a handkerchief skirt and fell in love with the different lengths.  Now with this skirt.. there is no specific front or back, you can move it around to fit your needs!  Pocket in the front?  why not.. The back.. Perfect!

Or you can add a belt!

2+3+5=1 otherwise known as a lesson in math!

My math was off on the project I originally planned for this challenge.  I figured while my son was at school, I'd figure out if I was going to salvage it or start over.  As we pulled up to his school, a little voice said, "Mommy, are you going to make something for me today?"  Since he doesn't usually ask for much, I knew I had my answer!

So, $2 for a giant thrifted button down shirt + 3 hours of work + 5 project from that shirt = 1 happy little boy!  But I learned more than just how this added up.

First up, I made a "handsman" (aka handsome) apron with the front half of the shirt and repositioned the pocket.  Since he has a tendency to wipe his hands on the sides of his pants, I made the apron so it wraps around him, covering the sides of his pants.   Lesson learned:  I mentally size everything for my daughters, I need to keep his measurements handy.

Then I thought I'd solve a problem we've been having with boots... he doesn't want to wear socks but his feet stink. Before leaving for school he'd ripped off his boots and socks and changed to Crocs.  Boot liners!  Since this shirt was rather soft, I figured if the boots had a washable liner, that would solve the stinky foot problem.  Again, he was thrilled but still wouldn't wear them.  Lesson learned: make sure the boots actually fit him before making custom liners... good thing I have the next size up boots and enough fabric left for another set.

Hey, look, one of the sleeve cuffs fits perfectly on my coffee cup!  Ok, no real lesson there, but now I can button it to my wrist until I slip it on the coffee cup and not use one of those cardboard ones, green in more ways than one!!!

My little guy earns pennies for doing different jobs.  He also gets a dollar to put in the offering plate at church.  He's asked for a purse like his sister's to carry it in...  A quick seam up each side of the other cuff and he has his own "wallet".

This project was a bit of a two-fer.  When buttoned on the lower button, his pennies don't fall out.  When buttoned on the top button, it can slip on a belt to hold a few bucks and a chapstick!  Lesson learned:  Bribes work, he asked what he could pick up to earn pennies to put in his wallet! 

Finally, I had the whole back side of the shirt.  Daily we battle over needing "soft pants."  He is super skinny so fit is always a problem.  Time to try my hand at pants.  I had hoped to get a better picture, maybe of the pants hanging up... alas, he is sleeping in them and has informed me he will wear them to school tomorrow.  Lesson learned: the mummy shirt goes with everything even in February!  He thinks they are a perfect match!

The biggest lesson is something I learned a while ago: Upcycling is a great opportunity to not only be environmentally friendly, but a great way to practice and learn.  If I spend a few bucks on an item at the thrift store, I'm not concerned with failure, I can always pick up another one and try again!  Plus, it's a great opportunity to try things new for little money...  I practiced using my new rolled hem and blind hem presser feet and wasn't worried about wasting brand new fabric!  All that for only $2.

Men's Shirt Purse

Hi! I am so excited to be in week 2 of Project Recycled!

A shirt refashion, one of my favorite things to do. I took a regular mens dress shirt and made a purse. The strap is an old tie.

The front is just like the front of the shirt, the pocket is perfect size for a cell phone.

The tie is tied just as it would be around a neck.

I used the cuffs of the shirt to make a larger pocket on the back of the purse.

Sweater X2

I bought this sweater a while back primarily because I liked the cowl on the neckline.  However the rest of the sweater was shapeless and too short (both in the torso and the arms).  I decided to take it apart and turn it into a shrug and a separate cowl. 
The cowl was the easy part. I simply snipped it off at the neckline, keeping the seam on the edge so it wouldn't unravel.
The shrug was more involved. I took the hemline and used it around the front and neck of the shrug. I also re-used the hems of the sleeves to make short sleeves.



Unknown said…
This one was a tough choice!
Agy said…
I've already chosen my fave!!! THanks for hosting :-)
Nana B said…
These are all amazing - now off to pick one
Ryan Donovan said…
Nice outfit designs. I wish I had some of them! I'll look forward for your future uploads.

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