Just Like That, I am Back

 If I said I was back, would you believe me? Blogging is complicated, and there are so many "get rich quick" blogging schemes that make it look like you are a lost cause if you are not currently earning money blogging. And why are you even blogging if you don't have multiple streams of income and entertainment. If you don't have a brand? I do have this website, but I do not have Instagram, Twitter, TikTok (you don't want to see me dance), or whatever is next.  Heck, I haven't even updated this since before the pandemic. So why am I here, writing about being back and then, probably ghosting for another two years? Life has been rough. It's been painful and overwhelming. I am so thankful for you my readers, or what is left of you. I am so thankful you are reading this post. I am so thankful that you are still committed to making the world a more exciting and more sustainable place.  Keep up-cycling my friends, and you never know, I might be back again with an

Dollar Day

I am off to my favorite crafty superstore...Goodwill.

It took a while but I finally figured out when they have a changing of the guards if you will. Every Sunday. Hopefully I will find some awesome crafty finds on the cheap.

A side note. I am trying to figure out this whole wonderful world of being a crafty blogger. I have been a health blogger for the past few years, still am, but I love crafts and can not sleep without reading a good crafty blog or two. So bear with me and please suggestions are welcome!

Thank you!


original.stuff said…
we don't have a goodwill nearby - but there are several other thrifty stores i frequent - have fun :)
as for blogs to read, i have several i read when they are updated - some of them i read the entire blog when i first found them... they are all on my blog sidebar... there are tons more out there - and i plan to add as i find them... and some of those crafty ladies have very large list of crafty blogs on their sidebars...
Trisha said…

I too am starting to like thrifting, thanks for the post!

Also, I sent you an email in response to my post for pay if forward a few days ago. I just now realized it didn't go thru:( as your profile does not include your email. If you can send that to me I will fill you in on the rest of the info:)

So glad you want to join in and sorry for the delay.

PS to find my email you just click on my profile:)

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