Just Like That, I am Back

 If I said I was back, would you believe me? Blogging is complicated, and there are so many "get rich quick" blogging schemes that make it look like you are a lost cause if you are not currently earning money blogging. And why are you even blogging if you don't have multiple streams of income and entertainment. If you don't have a brand? I do have this website, but I do not have Instagram, Twitter, TikTok (you don't want to see me dance), or whatever is next.  Heck, I haven't even updated this since before the pandemic. So why am I here, writing about being back and then, probably ghosting for another two years? Life has been rough. It's been painful and overwhelming. I am so thankful for you my readers, or what is left of you. I am so thankful you are reading this post. I am so thankful that you are still committed to making the world a more exciting and more sustainable place.  Keep up-cycling my friends, and you never know, I might be back again with an

Missoni + Target

So around two o'clock I found myself without children on the day that Missoni had come to Target.

Total score right?

Not so much....

Where my new shower curtains were supposed to be

And also...

My new wardrobe...

So just go online you say, too bad the site has been down since midnight. Go to another store, one woman got to the Fairview park store at 8am and bought $3,400 worth of Missoni, then came back for more. I doubt I will be lucky anywhere else.

Score one for Target and Zero for Robin.



Scooter Couple said…
I swear most people were grabbing everything they could. Haven't been on eBay yet but I'm guessing 1/2 of what was purchased today is up for sale there.
Two Dollars said…
Never heard of it before. Guess I'm out of the loop and out of luck ;)
MJ said…
I agree with the first post, no doubt it will be sold on ebay... I love ebay for selling unwanted items but not to buy cheap retails and sell it even more expensive on ebay... hope you find some somewhere!
mary said…
Me tooo sista! Seriously. Insanity! Here's to hoping the site gets back up! With some leftover crumbs on it at least?! xox!
Jan said…
I drove across the border from Canada to three Targets in New York. Most of the shelves were empty before 10:00 am. I really wanted the cushions. But I did score boots, lap top case, shirt, bra, pj's, scarf, socks, tights, and a canister.

Next time, if there is one, I will be there at 7:00am.

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