What is for Christmas?

The holiday season is, well, here.

So i am crazy busy crafting for christmas presents. What am I working on? I will let you in on a few little secrets as long as you don't tell my family.

C2 loves to carry around his Zombie Sock. What is a Zombie Sock? They are little zombies made out of socks. Kind of like a punk rock sock monkey. they are the best ever gifts for boys because it's a lovey that is a zombie and really do things get any cooler?

So since monkey as he affectionately calls him is very well loved and is dragged everywhere with him I am making a monkey of my own. It will be my first venture into making a stuffed animal so wish me luck.

sock monkey magicImage by red5standingby via Flickr
I very well might become addicted to this fun little craft.

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