Upcycled Mattress Board

Hello lovely T-shirt Diary followers! 
The Pink Bat Girl is here to rescue you from plain old scrap wood and boredom today with a fun Memorial Day upcycled project! 
My block wood is courtesy of an old toddler bed that all of my kids used from Ikea.  The bed has been given away, however, we still had the old wood that went under the mattress.  I thought it would make some really great wood blocks!

I took this old wood and my hubby's handy dandy saw and cut them into my desired lengths!.. I love power tools! 
So if you would like to make some of these fun decorations here is what you need!

wood blocks
scrapbook paper cut into small strips
red, white and blue paint
Mod Podge
craft glue

Start by cutting your wood into blocks.  Paint the top block red, the second block white and the last block blue.
When the paint it dry start Mod Podging your blocks with the scraps of scrapbook paper in a quilty kind of design.

When mine were done they looked like this.
Then I used my Cricut to cut out the letters U S A.  Then Mod Podged one letter on each block

Last I added some scrapbook pinwheels and rhinestones to dress it up a bit! 

And here it is on my shoe organizer all ready for the Big Memorial Day celebration!

Hope you have fun this memorial day.. and thanks for having me here at The T-Shirt Diaries!