Open Up Space in May - Do You Need So Many Websites?

One problem I have run into is that for a while I had six blogs. Yes six blogs. What was the point of all of those blogs? Well who the heck knows.
Less Blogs and Facebook Pages = More Time to Eat Chocolate!

I would come up with a name of a blog I loved and a concept (see Punk Rock Babies) and then abandon it in lieu of some great new idea or concept. (I also have about five Etsy Sites).

So since I am opening up space in my life I need to get rid of the old websites, blogs, and ETSY sites I simply do not use and instead just focus on things that are productive, produce a little bit of income, and are enjoyable.

Blogs I have discontinued:

  • T-Shirt Diaries Reviews (I will just do reviews or giveaways here)
  • Punk Rock Babies (A line of punk rock baby clothes that never happened)
  • The Adventures of Ceili Girl (Ceili Girl and her adventures, Never updated)
  • Glitter Crafts (Wordpress, monthly hosting, Was going for a niche site devoted to glitter because I LOVE glitter. I can post glitter crafts here if I like)
  • Handmade Weddings (Never had one post)
Facebook Dummy Account Discontinued:
  • Punk Rock (My gaming alter ego who was addicted to Sorority life. It is best that she just goes away)
Etsy Accounts Discontinued:
  • DirtyBird - Someone else actually wanted the name so I discontinued it. It was my original ETSY name
  • ThTshirtDiaries - Simple misspelling..duh I have no idea why I left it open.
  • YouAreTutuCute - I was going to sell tutu's never got around to it.
  • TheTshirtDiaries (What is the point when I have T-Shirt Diaries as my main ETSY?)
So yeah a few less things in my life. Do you have any accounts out there you need to get rid of? DO it today and open up a little more space in your life. Just kind of treat websites like clothing, if you haven't used in in a year you probably don't need it!