Where has JC Chasez Been?

Well JC is back in Chicago with Emily.

I miss him, yes, but while he was here he had a great time:

Hanging with Emily

C2 and JC
I had my eye on JC

JC and my big brother

JC and some friends in Columbus

JC likes to eat

JC at Cornerstone Deli in Clintonville

Doing some shopping


No don't throw JC out....

JC trying to blend in

I was in a boy band at one time

JC, the bride, and the mother of the bride

The fish was way too hungry

Hanging in trees

With Laura

Yum Chili

JC and Krista

Visiting the Pittsburgh Zoo

JC loves snakes

Taking a swim

With a bear or is it a dog?

JC had a great time. He is missed. So if you are hanging out in Chicago and happen to see him, send my love.
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