Edgy, Boring, Housewifey, or Why I am Not Blogging

The artistic journey has been pretty darn interesting.

I always felt artistic, but who is to say if I really am or if I just think it?

So I have been a mad sewing monster these days. Working non-stop to create beautiful and funky upcycled fashions from old T-shirts for Collective Upcycle:

If any of you are here in Cleveland please stop by and check out their 40 (seriously 40!) Upcycling artists. June 7th is the opening at the summer boutique in Gordon Square Arts District. (6710 Detroit Avenue, next door to Sweet Moses) Save the date it is open from  6-9pm and promises to be amazing!

Thanks for sticking by me during this "busy" season. I promise the T-shirt Diaries will be back in full swing soon.