Ivory in the Microwave: A Tutorial

I love Ivory, and I love science experiments that I can do with little kids.

So when I heard about microwaving Ivory soap I was ready to go. The problem, Target didn't have any Ivory. So I put the idea in the back of my mind until the dreaded back to school shopping day where we procured:

Ivory Soap
Let the science begin.

Place your ivory soap on a microwave safe plate.

Now place your Ivory soap in the microwave.

Don't judge your microwave isn't perfectly clean either

Close the door and let the kids have one last peak.

Really cool stuff (joking)

Now move those children back and turn the microwave on for one minute.

Pretty cool, it turns into a cloud.

It is actually much bigger while being microwaved, it shrinks down once you open the microwave up.

Out of the microwave
Now I thought I would get crafty and see what would happen if I added food coloring. i was thinking I would get a giant purple cloud. That would be awesome.

Add a little food coloring
We spread the coloring all around the bar

So Phoebe put the food coloring on a quarter of a bar and into the microwave it went.

It looked more like a purple dragon sneezed on the cloud of soap. At least I tried, right.

Once you microwave the soap you really can't use it like normal soap. Since I didn't want to waste the soap, and allowing the kids to play with the first bar produced a makeshift snowball fight that is still lingering in crevices of my carpeting, I decided to make some liquid soap for the kids bathroom.

I crumbled the soap cloud into my vitamix. It turns into what can best be described as soap flakes.

I added a little bit of water and mixed it on high. The result was a beautiful purple liquid soap. My only problem was that one bar of Ivory produced at least 32 ounces of liquid soap.

Pretty isn't it
So I had to fill just about every half empty soap pump in my house, so I didn't waste any.

Have you ever tried this? Are you going to?

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