Happy New Year

Can you believe it?

We are about to embark on another new year.

It just wouldn't feel right without recapping 2012, probably the least productive blogging year of my life.

Sorry about that.

I realized in May or June that I really needed to spend more time with my two little ones and less time writing about my crafting adventures.  I would love to say with some sincerity that 2013 will be different, the blog will be back in full force, the upcycling ideas will flow from my head with creative abandonment, but quite honestly, although these are my intentions I have been struggling getting some of the little things done in life, like say getting through the day without puking.

Yes I am pregnant with baby #3, a girl, and I have Hyperemesis Gravdarium. Which is basically morning sickness times 10. I am twenty-two weeks pregnant with my little bundle of joy and down two pounds.

So we will see where the new year takes me, my family, and my life as the T0shirt Diaries author and seamstress. I want to sew, I have a ton of crafty materials, but until I can get through the day without my head in a bucket it might be a while before I am kicking the sewing butt I once did.

Until then have a