The Great Cloth Diaper Debate

I have decided to do cloth diapers for my third child.

The thing is there are just so many amazing options. I am pretty much lost.

There are  FuzziBunz, Kissaluvs, Happy Heinys, grove, bumGenius, Thirsties, Econobum, and Flip. I don't even know where to begin to figure out what to start with. I breifly did G-diapers with my first until her daycare didn't allow us to use them (they also charged me $10 a day because I breastfed and my milk was a "biohazard), so I succumbed to the world of disposable. 

Cloth Diaper Me Mommy!

At first I thought I would simply go with a diaper service. I was told it would be hard to find one, but I did. They supply the diapers, you put them out to be washed every week and get a fresh supply. So simple.

Now I am thinking I might just do it all myself.  Which would be a big adventure because I hardly get the laundry done as it is. I am heading over to a friends house tomorrow morning to learn about six different diapering systems. Seriously, six. I got a great pattern for making your own from a friend of mine in California, and apparently there is this thing called a diaper sprayer I need to get for my toilet?

I know I am the worlds worst blogger, but this is one adventure I really want to keep everyone up to date on because it is so important. Writing about it will also keep me accountable and since every new momma has some slacker in her I need accountability.

Any questions? Advice? Tips? What not to use or what you love I desperately need input.