Diaper Rental - The Skinny

First off this is not a paid post. I have no affiliation with any of these companies, but I wanted to share what I have learned in my cloth diapering adventure.

Newborns grow quickly - duh. Before you know it the itty bitty baby clothes are ready to be passed down to your childs baby doll.

Newborns have special diapering needs. Their little legs are too skinny for traditional one size fits all fuzzibuns, bumGenius, Bumkins, or Kissaluvs. You might find a lot of leakage and chaffing on your little baby bottoms.

So after a lot of research instead of buying cloth diapers for the first three months I am going to rent them.

I found several different websites who rent new diapers for as low as $33 a month. You just return them at the end of the three months and move onto the one size fits all diapers.

Here are a few sites and links that rent diapers:

  • Sweetbottoms - 24 diapers, a mixture of new and used, brands Swaddlebees organic and Clover Organic Cloth Newborn Daipers. Current price - $215 but you get $100 store credit at the end of your three month trial.
  • Kissed by the Moon Rentals - Custom packages based on your needs. You recieve your deposit back in whatever form you paid, not a store credit.
  • GoGreen Baby Company - Rental of 24 bumGenius newbore diapers. A mixture of new and used diapers. The initial deposit is $280 with your choice of $185 store credit or $175 cash back on return.
  • One Lucky Mama - Six varieties of diaper brands. The cost is a $286.80 deposit. You will be refunded in store credit minus  $10 for cleaning and $10 every two weeks you keep the diapers.  They have a really strick no smoking policy and will not rent to homes that smoke.
These websites are just the tip of the iceberg. I will let you know how the rental goes - only ten more weeks till baby #3.