Cindy Lou Who DIY - What My Daughter Wore for Dr. Seuss Day

With baby number three in my belly I am slacking on all things sewing.

Phoebe's Kindergarten class celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday last friday and she was refusing to dress up because I wanted to make her Thing One with a skirt. My bad I figured it would be the easiest manner of getting her dressed in a theme costume and cute Suess colors (red stripes and adorable turquoise).

So finally the night before she decided that she wanted to be Cindy Lou WHo with a light pink nightgown and a HUGE bow.

Not quite the the cartoon character from the Grinch that stole Christmas, but close enough.

It was actually really easy to make.  I started out using the Zinnia Pattern by Lillygiggle (found here). I bought the pattern a long time ago, cut it out, and with sadly it stayed in my to do list for about six months.

I modified the pattern slightly by using Fold Over Elastic around the neckline and adding a ruffle down the front center for a little more color. We already had a wide variety of stripey tights and I just needed to make a huge bow.

For the bow I used grosgrain ribbon wrapped around a headband and then hot glued a HUGE bow on top.

The whole thing probably took me about two hours to whip up, which isn't bad because she loved her costume and she can wear the dress again (hopefully without the headband, but you never know).

It was fun actually working on a sewing project again. Taking the pictures, not so much. The kids just want to be adorably silly and I love it. It takes forever to get a decent, bloggable picture because they are a bunch of goofballs. So what does a photo shoot at my house really look like?

Hope you all have a happy March and I can't wait to see everyone elses Dr. Suess DIY's.