Starting Over

Oh My goodness...

So there comes a point in life where you just get tired. I mean really tired. Someone has zapped all your energy, the baby wakes up three times a night, and you wear yoga pants way more then you ever thought possible.

But you press on.

You know something has to give, and for me that something was my writing and craft business.

I have five million amazing blog posts in my head, but three crazy monkeys make me barely able to leave the house on time, much less sit down with a cup of coffee and write.

Not to mention it has been two years since I've seriously blogged thanks to a bout with Hyperemesis Gravidarium, and life with a newborn.

So where the heck do I begin?

How do I get back on track, and will the blog ever be the same. You know since the original URL was purchased by some Japenese Website designer and I have no desire to get it back.

So bear with me, or not.

This is real life after all, and I am not even going to claim to be superwoman.

I'm just a mom, with three kids, who wants to hang out and craft cute things for a living, but gets sidetracked by way too much laundry.