Giving Up Facebook

There is no easy way to say it. 

My name is Robin and I'm a Facebook addict.

It was so fun catching up with friends and family that I hadn't seen in years. I loved the pictures, the commentary. I could do without the religious rankings and political arguments, but whatever works for you.

There was something magical about creating little groups, supporting each other, and being an online community.

Then it happened. Slowly I became obsessed with Facebook. I couldn't go to sleep without spending an hour looking at what everyone is up to.

Posts occasionally got competitive. I mean you want it to look like your life and family are amazing so posting pictures of the cool things you do slowly becomes more important than the super cool things that you are doing at the time.

It's annoying, and suddenly your online life is so perfect that you can not even live up to it. So this second or is it third day of lent I am giving up Facebook. 

I am living life without trying to prove anything. My family is awesome and we have fun. I don't need to get likes to prove it.

It's hard. I'm not lying, and I will probably go back on January 1st, but for now I'm off Facebook.