Beginning The Wardrobe Refashion

So it is the first day of the Wardrobe Refashion and what do I do first thing in the morning? I go to Target. Yep, that is right I go shopping and am overwhelmed by the amount of 75% off holiday clothes that I just have to have.

Okay, I took a deep, deep breathe, admitted I had a shopping problem (half the reason I am doing the wardrobe refashion challenge) and did not buy any clothes. I don't need another pair of holiday pajama bottoms (but they are so darn comfy). I don't need a new flannel shirt (but this one looks like it might actually fit my oddly shaped body). I really don't need anything.

I can do this, and especially since I only get one get out of jail free pass. Like I would waste that on a Christmas t-shirt, please.