Maternity Shirt to Cardigan in 30 Minutes

I love clothes, and have the hardest time parting with them. I have this maternity shirt that I bought for a whopping $1 at a garage sale. I honestly was never fond of it because it was anything but stylish, but so very comfortable and when you are pregnant comfort is what you want in life.

I have been seeing a lot of t-shirt cardigans around the internet and decided to try one for myself. To make follow these steps.

1. Use your seam ripper to remove the fabric in the center of the chest.
2. Place the front of the shirt over your cutting board.
3. Use your rotary cutter and a ruler to cut down the center of the t-shirt.

Seriously that is it. It is jersey so it won't fray. There is no need to hem it. You can embellish it, make a tie for the center, put on a pretty ribbon, etc., but I think I will just leave it as is. Not bad for my first refashion? What do you think?