The End of Irish Dancing

Parenting can be heartbreaking.

Phoebe's first day of Irish Dancing
My daughter started Irish dancing this year. I was so excited and she absolutely loves it.

Every Tuesday I take my two little ones to class, I ordered some snazzy school gear, and I got some really cool presents for her teachers.

We are all good right?

Sadly, we weren't. See my sweet little one is just that, a sweet little one. She has a bit of an attention problem. One of the dance school founders pulled me aside and we had the "talk."

I wasn't expecting it, but I wasn't surprised.  She recommended we maybe take a little break until next September.

Again, I wasn't surprised. I know listening is not her strong suit. I wanted to believe that she was paying good attention, I wanted to believe that as we were practicing at home she was getting it. I wanted to believe this was working out.

She absolutely adores going to Irish Dancing class, but her favorite part is before class running around and playing tag with the other girls. She likes to be social to the point where it might be taking away from the other kids who do focus.

So as my heart was breaking I couldn't argue. I knew that we needed to take a little time off, I know she is guaranteed to get a spot next year. It's just that now I have to tell everyone.  As she gets some great Irish dancing themed presents what the frick am I supposed to say?

Thanks, we have been asked to take a break? Thank you but my daughter has the attention span of an ant? Thanks, but I suck as parent?

That last one is not true, but that is how I feel.  I feel like this is somehow my fault. I should have had her practice more, waited a year before getting her involved, made sure she actually listened.

I feel like I have done something wrong and now I have to tell friends and family I generally suck as a parent, my daughter, for all intensive purposes, was asked to not come back after Christmas break, and did I mention I suck?

I know, I don't suck. It's not the end of the world, and a few months away will not hurt anyone. It's not like she was going to start competing at the age of five? I was kindly told she is not the first child that this has happened with and she will not be the last.

Did I mention I  had to be the one to tell her that we have to take a break from Irish dancing (which made her cry for about a minute and a half, obviously it is much harder on mommy).

So parenting can suck. It can be heartbreaking, and I can be a bit oversensitive about something that is in the grand scheme of things not a big deal.

So for now we are saying good-bye to Irish Dancing. I will miss you. Don't worry though because Phoebe and I will be back and ready to pay attention in the Fall.

Oh and I am not bitter, I do not harbor any hard feelings to anyone, and I know I don't suck.