No New Clothes for Six Months Challenge

Are you ready for an easy challenge with a big impact?

It is simple, buy no new clothes for six months.

Why? Because if you are like me you have more then enough clothes in your wardrobe. You have things that you have forgotten about, things that don't fit, and things that are just ugly as heck.

The T-Shirt Diaries
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We shop too much in America, and for things that we just don't need. A great sale at your favorite store and you end up with a cheap shirt that just lingers.

This is your chance to take back your wardrobe. Take it back and make it yours again.

Let's figure out together how we can make our wardrobe ours again. Start working with what we have instead of running out and buying something new. So are you ready?

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Do you:
  1. Pledge to buy no new clothes for yourself for a period of six months.
  2. Try to upcycle at least one piece from your wardrobe transforming it into something new and exciting.
  3. Spread the word about the no new clothes challenge by putting the button on your blog somewhere.
  4. Write at least one post in the six month period about how it is going and what you have done now that you are now buying clothes for six months (did you upcycle something so that you had a new dress for a wedding, borrow a friends outfit instead of buying new, finally get around to making that dress you already bought the fabric for ?) Share it with your audience.
There are no real hard core rules, no prizes, just a chance to say no to consumerism and overcrowding our wardrobes with things we don't need.

It's kind of cool because we are making this challenge so broad. If you want to extend it to your whole family, great, just yourself, fine, whatever you want works. No new clothes for six months is your challenge. You can do this! I believe in you.

The challenge starts January 1st and runs through the end of June. You can sign up any time before January 31st.

Thanks for taking part in this amazing experiment. I can't wait to update you on how I am doing in the next six months.