And The Week One Winner Is...

Brandi from CraftyGirlSquared!

Here is another look at the entry Men's Pants Turned Into an E-Reader Case. 

Since we had someone drop out of the program all six crafters will go though to next week. The challenge: Shirt Rehab – take a shirt and make it into something else (another shirt, a skirt, a necklace). I will have the project up by the end of the day! I am running a little behind thanks to my every so relaxing trip to the Dominican Republic (and my refusal to bring my laptop)

This little case is made from a pair of men’s corduroy pants.

I centered my tablet over the back pocket and traced around it to make sure I cut the right place because I wanted the pocket to be on the outside of the case for cuteness and to be functional.

See you can use the pocket! That’s my favorite part. It’s lined with fabric from the same pair of pants. It closes with the zipper that was on the pants. It was a little tricky but I used my seam ripper to get the zipper out of the pants.

It fits snuggly into the case and is safe in my purse.