No New Clothes Challenge: Month One Results

A little late I know, but I wanted to share the results of the No New Clothes Challenge.

I survived the month of January and did not purchase anything (well the butterick pattern, but that isn't actually a clothing item yet).

So what did I spend my mass quantities of excess money on?

  1. Skiing in Ellicotville New York (that is until my feet betrayed me)
  2. One bag of Cipro - on my Ellicotville trip.
  3. Butterick 5260
  4. Boots for Holden
  5. Ice skating lessons for Phoebe
I know I lead a very exciting life. Jealous?

I survived and I didn't even buy clothes for the kidlets. It was hard, but only five months to go.

Now to finish that dress (oh yeah I never did get it done before heading to the Dominican Republic). I just ended up wearing an old maternity dress.

I was supposed to be wearing that dress I started and haven't finished. 

Oh and if you haven't had a chance to please vote for round two of Project Recycled.

The contest is heating up and you can vote once per day for your favorite.