Do You CSA?

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Over here at The T-Shirt Diaries we try to live a green and sustainable lifestyle as much as possible. I love to buy local whenever possible. It just makes me smile to support a local crafter, artist, or farmer.

That being said one of my favorite times of the year is upon us. It is CSA or Community Shared Agriculture time! Don't laugh I live in Cleveland and yes our CSA does start pretty darn late in the year.

If you are not familiar with a CSA it is an opportunity to buy into a farm or collective of local farms and receive a share of their crops every week.

We buy our CSA through City Fresh and have been so happy with them. Last year we received everything from Maple Syrup to more Kale then I ever figured out what to do with (Kale chips are not half bad). We buy one share for our family and it is more then enough. They also have a table set up where you can donate your produce to a local food bank. We grow a lot of our own herbs and vegetables at our house so we usually donate tomatoes and yes sadly, kale because I just can't handle cooking with it every week (slacker I know).

So do you CSA? If not I highly recommend it. You will be so surprised how healthy your family eats when you come home every week with twenty pounds of produce. heck I even bought a Vita-Mix so that I can make smoothies from our haul.

Oh and on a more T-Shirt Diaries note I am whipping up a bunch of new dresses. So should I just sell them at craft shows or open an ETSY shop?

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