Sneaker Planter Tutorial

Thank you so much for checking out this tutorial. I love to upcycle pretty much everything I can get my hands on. Upcycling your old shoes into a flower planter is a great way to keep things out of the landfill and beautify world.

This craft was done an awesome event called Knee High Naturalists put on by the Cleveland Metroparks.  It was so much fun for C1 & C2 and this idea to reuse shoes blew me away.

So here is what you will need to do. 

Pick an old shoe from your giveaway pile. the Cleveland Metroparks staff had every shoe imaginable, but I opted for a canvas goodie. I did this because Chuck Taylors just rock and a canvas shoe will allow the plant's roots to breath (leather will start to smell after a while and does not drain well.)


1. Pick out your shoe (remember stay away from leather and vinyl shoes).  No need to run (unless you just can't wait to start your planter).

2. Have a friend help you decorate your shoe with puffy paint, stickers, and ribbon.  When selecting ribbon you will want to make sure that you do not lace the shoe all the way up.  You will need to get all of the dirt in there somehow.

3. Pick your flowers. this is an easy choice for C1 who pretty much only likes purple.  The blooms are delicious though.

4. Spoon in some nice rich potting soil. Make sure to get it into the toes. Those roots need somewhere to grow.

Nothing beats playing in the dirt (let dad join in the fun too).

5. Now put the flower in the top of your shoe and don't forget to pack the dirt in  around the roots. Feel free to let dad feel like he is helping (even if you don't need him).

6. Show off your work of art. I love it, don't you? My model/ artist in training did a bang up job.

Enjoy the beauty of your work. You totally rock and so does your sneaker planter.

Just think of the possibilities. You will no longer cry when you have to throw away your favorite pair of shoes. Chuck Taylors with holes can have a second life. 

Our sneaker planter has been happy and healthy for the past few weeks. I have even remembered to water it (it's so pretty how can you forget?) I can not wait to make a few more to line the front steps.

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