T-Shirt Makeover

You know that you have one lying in your closet, that T-shirt you love, but just is not figure flattering. I have more then a few and I decided to grab a T-Shirt that I needed to wear for the Memorial Day parade and take it from baggy to fitted and figure flattering.

So here is the T-Shirt Before:

Not a bad shirt, just baggy and really not figure flattering.

First, find a shirt that you like the cut of. I actually grabbed a shirt I found at H&M for $4.95. I really liked the neckline when I wore it, but I didn't like the sleeves. I took the H&M shirt and put it over the T-shirt in need of a makeover.

I traced a line along the neckline of the H&M shirt, flipped the shirt over, and  traced along the back of the neckline.

I really didn't want to much of a dip so I just kind of traced slightly below the original collar.

Now have some fun cutting out your new neckline. No fears, you can do this just cut along the purple line you made.

So now to take in the rest of the shirt. The shape of the H&M shirt wasn't really what I was going for, I just wanted to taper my shirt in a bit at the waist, but leave the bottom wide (I have had two kids and do not have skinny hips).

I used my trusty purple fabric pen and marked the shirt where I thought it needed to be taken in:

I started cutting away and decided that the arms needed to come up a little bit:

Sleeves on your standard T-shirt are pretty baggy and roomy is good for some things (hips) my arms needed a little more tailoring. You just need to flip your T-shirt inside out and start sewing. I used my serger, but if you are using a standard sewing machine choose the zig-zag stitch.

Now turn your shirt inside out and put it on, you stylish diva you.

Time to rock your Tee in a Memorial Day Parade.

Let me know if you try this, you won't regret it.

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