Cat In The Hat DIY Party Time

Here are a few of my fabulous inspirations for the adventure that is the $20 Cat in the Hat Party.

The Cat in the Hat birthday party is by no means an original party idea. there is a ton of stuff out there. I will be making pleanty of Martha-Poms for the party out of some fabulous napkins I picked up at Target today just like they did over at Texas Monkey:

Texas Monkey also made some fabulous Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes. I won't be doing these, but they are absolutely adorable.

Crafty Workin Mom rocked the theme with a few ideas I am definitely borrowing in including finally finding a use for all the fun fur yarn I bought this summer at a garage sale:

And what is a party without Green Eggs and Ham?

Kara's Party Ideas has a whole bunch of fabulous ideas for a baby shower that I am totallly turning into a four year old birthday party.

Yummy Yummy cupcakes from Kara's Party ideas! I want these now.

That is it for today. I am so excited for this project and I know i can do it. My first step was the invitations. I had some grand ideas, but in the end budget-wise it made the most sense to use Pingg to send out the invitations. It's like evite, but I like it better. There are a lot more options and they will even mail out paper invites if you like (for a fee).

Keep your ideas coming and I will keep everyone updated on my thrifty fabulous Cat in the Hat party!

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