Upcycled Vintage Button to Hair Accessory (Pin, Clip, Whatever You Want To Call It)

As promised here is a super quick tutorial that will show you how to make a  vintage button (or new button) into a to die for hair accessory. 

You will need:

  • Buttons
  • Hot Glue
  • Wire cutters
  • Bobby pins

Select Your Button. I got this one from a garage sale and I LOVE it!
 I use Bobby Pins. These are available at most craft stores. Snag some next time you are out!

Bobby pins and buttons might work if you have a flat little button, but most cool buttons have a little thread loop thing (not the technical term). This will need to be removed.

 Don't worry no buttons were hurt in the clipping of this button. 

 It only looks painful.

I am a hot mess when it comes to glue guns so I have this glue stick melter that works so much better for me.

Smoosh the button on the hot glue (be careful not to burn yourself).

Voila! Don't you love finding new uses for old thing? I know I do!

Now go Crazy and crank out a bunch of Upcycled Button Hair Clips!

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