One Week To Etsy: Take A Picture Day Three

I am back and we will be talking about taking pictures for your ETSY Shop.

First and most important you want to make sure that you have a solid background to take the picture against.

My Background a Simple $2.00 Trifold
You also want to have lighting. Natural is best, but if you are like me you probably only have a chance to take pictures at night so I use this light.

The Ottlite and yes that is my clutter

The other thing you will want to use is a good editing program. I personally use Picnik (Kimberly from Bugaboo, Mini, Mr., and Me turned me on to it)

It takes pictures like this....

And with a little tweaking it turns it into this...

Monkey Ear Dress

So much better don't you think?

I also like to take pictures of the details of the clothes. This dress is serged so I needed a picture of the serging.

Serged Seams

If you have a similar outfit that your child wears it would be awesome to include that.  People love to see the outfit in action. So I will include this picture.

Rocking The T-Shirt Dress

That is all for today. Tomorrow (or Monday) I will talk about getting your listing up and ready with the worlds best description.

Till Next Time.
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