Fairy House Fun

I have been in a creative slump lately. It happens. No worries, and it shall pass.

I was so delighted to read my friend Audra's blog, Little Tiger and the Milk Belly Princess, and learn about her children's adventures making Fairy houses and furnishings.

My children LOVE to play outside and the concept of Fairies delights me. I just believe that their is something so magical about the belief that these little creatures live amongst us creating magic in our world.

Phoebe agrees so we set out to make a fairy house out off all natural findings (with the exception of some rope.

A soft bed of flowers for the fairies
Proper bedding is very important, fairies love to have something comfortable when they are walking around (they don't always have shoes).

We continued to mess around with the flooring. Holden was looking for sticks to make the frame of the house.

Sticks make a great foundation

We poked sticks into the ground to make a teepee and tied it together with some string that we rescued from the garbage.

Decorations were a must. We added some lovely flowers to make the entrance enticing to the fairies.

Ponies occasionally like to wander over and check out the fantastical land of the fairies. I made sure that Phoebe brought the pony inside so that the fairies were not frightened away.

Queen of the fairy house, Phoebe loved posing with her new creation (sorry about the shadow). She actually invited our mail carrier over to play when she was done with work for the day.

We continued to add various enhancements to the house. We put leaves and bark around the frame of the house so that they have shelter in case it rains. We added a table made out of sticks and took a Polly Pocket swimming pool and buried it in the ground to create a rain pool.

The fairies visited the house last night and partied so hard the carpet floral carpet went missing. Oops.

We have actually been filling the grounds with several different fairy houses. It's such a fun project that Phoebe and I can't stop.

Happy Fairy House Making!