The Potty Project: Day One

I decided that I would chronicle the insane experience of potty training Holden.

Holden looks like an member of Insane Clown Posse
I am not a potty training expert by any sense of the word (are any of us?) So after getting my internet on I learned that I truly doubt  Carol Cline even exists and I am just going to throw together my own Potty Project Boot Camp.

What is the  Potty Project? Technically it is either the Pull-Up's potty training method, or a an in-depth study on hygiene in India.

Honestly, I am not a fan of pull-ups because they are way to absorbent for Mr. Man and he would just pee all day long without a complaint.

So here is what I came up with:

  • Morning first thing Bye-Bye Diaper it is Big Boy Pants Time!
  • Lots of drinks (water, fruit smoothies in the Vitamix, and some milk).
  • Sit on the potty every 75 minutes and read books.
  • Reward for potty from the prize box (just one each time he potties).
  • No High-Fructose Corn Syrup - it gives little guy the poops.
  • All day, every day, for five days!
 How it really went?

7:45 am up and diaper off. Mr. Man does not want to sit on the potty. It is way too cold. Daddy gets involved and rubs his hands on the potty seat to warm it up. Okay this sucks am I going to have to rub my hands on a toilet every 75 minutes now?

8:00 am He is bored. Off the potty, grabbing a pair of big boy underwear, and off to the breakfast table.

8:05 am He pees on his seat. I don't stress, we change, clean the seat, and sit him down on another seat.

8:45 am Mommy, I pooped. Oh he didn't just poop, some idiot must have given him high-fructose corn syrup yesterday because this was a green explosion of slime. Wait, I let him drink lemonade last night, scratch that idiot remark. We clean, I toss the poppy pants and although I am ready to call it a day we charge on.

9:00 am Let's try this again. No luck.

9:45 am He pees on his bedroom floor.

10:15 am On the potty again. Reading books, loving life!

10:30 am Pees on the livingroom floor. Well at least he is getting to learn what it feels like to pee without it being all sucked up.

11:15 am Okay 75 minutes was too long so I am going down to 60.

11:18 am We have success! We are doing the potty dance, we pick out not one, but two prizes, I, I mean HE can do this.

At this point you would probably get bored with the rest of the day. He pretty much peed in every room, made it in the potty twice, and didn't put on a pull-up until bed time.

So we survived the first day and hopefully tomorrow will involve less washing of the floors. It also involves driving big sis to school and voting all where rejecting the diaper, but what is life without a few risks, right?

I am so ready for day two!