Blogging In The Summer

I love the summer.

The sun, the sand, the excitement

There is just so much to do and experience. So much to see, and so many fairy houses to build.

There are food trucks to wait outside of (Seoul Sausage from the Great Food Truck Race 3) and lemonade to be consumed.

Summer for me is about experiencing the excitement with my children and experiencing the joy of my little ones.

I tend to go on a sort of blogging vacation during the summer months. I am still here, stalking creative ideas on pintrest and sewing t-shirt goodness. I just do it at my own pace.

So if you are looking for regular updates, never fear, they will be back in the Fall. I will be here, but on a very casual basis. The blog will be around forever, but my children won't be young for that much longer.

So keep popping by, just don't be sad if I don't update too often.