Getting Extreme: The Warrior Dash

I love American Ninja Warrior. I am not a Ninja, but after this weekend, I am a warrior!


My husband wanted to do the Warrior Dash for his 40th birthday.  I have been running for the past two years so I thought, why not.

We started out relatively clean.

I honestly was not prepared for the fact that the event started with a mile long run up a muddy hill. I mean how the heck do you train for that one.

It of course did not end there. We swam threw dirty ponds of questionable cleanliness, ran over fire, walked on tightropes, climbed a two story cargo net, jumped over barricades, crawled through the mud under barbed wire, climbed a bunch of ropes walls, waded through a knee deep river, and of course swam under barbed wire in the mud to complete the wildest 3.5 miles of my life.

I seriously did this.

 So we made it out a muddy mess.

They give you beer and a warrior helmet so it was worth it.

I think I will make this one my facebook picture.

Hubsters was pretty proud (he finished the course in 35 minutes!) How did I do? Well I finished. I have this attitude towards fitness, I don't do it to win I do it to have fun. So I finished in one hour and 19 minutes! Yep more then twice the time it took hubsters. In fact instead of watching me cross the finish line he was living in fear that I had injured myself and went to the medical tent to make sure I wasn't there.  Hey, if I have to climb up then down two stories of cargo net then I am going to take my time :)

Beer and Turkey Legs
Turning 40 Tastes good

So one of the traditions is eating a Turkey Leg and drinking some delish beer (Summer Shandy anyone?)

Oh and did I mention some of these people dress up in the craziest costumes.

This is me with a group of Chippendale wannabe's.  What they lacked in the Chippendale bodies they made up for in hilarious dances around the  stage.

It's okay hubby took the picture.

 So while I wasn't crafting this weekend I was having a wild time and loving every warrior moment of it!