Figuring Things Out

I am back to rocking blogger, so over my unsucessful venture into wordpress.

This is the first time I am using Wordpress and it is way different then Blogger, but I think it has a lot more functionality.

So your will have to bear with me as I find the layout that works for me, create a banner, set up my ESTY shop, and raise two very active kidlets.

I am kind of looking at this whole thing as an adventure and a way to quit my day job and just be a blogger. Until now I have been working as a freelance writer on various project. It is not that I don't love writing, I mean blogging is writing, right? I just want to express my creative side and walk away from the sometimes monotonous assignments.

So this is my plan, well somewhat of a plan. I will be working on the nuts and bolts of what this blog will look like, share it with you all, if you have managed to somehow find me. I hope to have this completed by May 1st.

Starting May 1st I will launch my ETSY site and start promoting the blog.

Granted I probably don't have any readers right now, but if I do I promise good things to come in the next few weeks.