So How Is Blogging Going

Well I have to say I am way behind on things.

I wanted to begin posting tutorials, have at least twenty items for my shop, and had a killer design for my blog.

What happened? Life. I have been so busy trying to figure things out that I haven't posted as often as I wish I could have. I have also been going crazy with this wordpress versus blogger ordeal.

As you can see (I think) I have made my way back to blogger. I am so much happier and more confident that this is the blog that I want to show the world. I did make three dresses today, look into getting a limited production license from Lil Blue Boo and trying to get things to the point where I am proud to sell them.

I had a few ahh moments with my serger lately. I am pretty excited about the things I have figured out, but you will have to just wait and see. Please oh please stay tuned.


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