Opening Day Dress

I really do make things and not just write about planning on making things.

Here is the Opening Day dress I made for C1. It's the Cleveland Indians home opener today, and while I don't have much hope that they will have anything but a sub par season (sorry fans) I did want to make something for C1 to celebrate her Clevelandness (is that a word?).Opening Day Dress

I based the dress off the ever popular "Sienna" dress by Lil Blue Boo. I will most likely buy a Limited production license so that I can sell these at my etsy shop (when I have enough items to open the shop). They are just so darn fun to make, C1 loves wearing them, and I love that I get to upcycle t-shirts.

So what do you think? Should I sell something like this in my etsy shop along with a few other crafty t-shirt upcycles. Your thoughts make me happy.


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