Working Through My Stash

Domo-Kun tshirt for KipImage by Katayun via Flickr

I have a huge stack of T-shirts that I need to get through. It is time for some serious stash busting and product creating.

I have a bit of a T-shirt hoarding problem and go crazy at Goodwill sometimes. While I do have them because I plan to start an ETSY shop with items made from recycled/upcycled T-Shirts, but I need to start going through them for the ETSY shop and not because it looks cute on my kidlets.

So this weeks goal is to make five items from my stash to sell. Can I do it? Will the kidlets let me? Will my stash get smaller and I will actually set up this Etsy store I keep talking about.

I guess time will tell. Tonight will have to be my big sewing night because I will be in meetings on Wednesday and leaving for a conference on Friday night. So guys you will have to hold me responsible for making five things to sell using upcycled t-shirts to put on Etsy. I think I can, I think I can...

All that and I am heading over to the library to pick up my lovely books on Wordpress. I am still figuring this stuff out. I have a bunch of feelers out there on Wordpress tips, but I miss the simplicity of blogger.

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