Basement Progress & Some Upcycled Awesome Action

I would have a picture to post of the progress, but I erased the one that I had. Anyway things are going. I officially have pergo floors (yeah!) I am drawing up a petition to make carpet in basements illegal when kids and pets are involved. We have had one to many milk spills and let me tell you the stench of spilled milk does not come out.

I am again having a linky party on Wednesday for Upcycled Awesome. I love seeing upcycled crafts and just can not get enough. I mean why buy new craft materials when you can just upcycle something (if only I would stick to that rule I wouldn't be drowning in boxes of unused craft material).

I am also doing another craft show in a few weeks. True Colors: Exposed. More info on that later.

So I guess I will get back to reorganizing my little world over here. I can't wait to see you all for tomorrows Upcycled Awesome!