I was honored to work with Andy Davis aka Andyman from 2005-2007 at CD101 in Columbus. Prior to that I was a long time fan of CD101 and of Andyman - the true heart of Columbus radio.

I am still in shock that CD101's beloved DJ Andyman passed away this Saturday while vacationing with his family in Michigan. My heart goes out to his dear wife Molly and his three children Johnny, Oliver, and Sammy. Donations can be made to the Andy Man memorial fund at any Huntington National Bank branch or may be dropped of at CD101

I know most of my bloggy readers don't know CD101 and don't know Andyman, but he was an amazing DJ and friend. Oddly enough what I will remember him most for is his deep love for his family and for the kids.

He hosted Andyman-A-Thon during Christmas holidays. Andyman would spend 48 hours straight on-air receiving pledges to play song requests. The event benefited children's charities. I just remember one year when he was drunk on lack of sleep and talking about how much he loved his wife. He was all about his family.

I actually named my daughter after hearing him play the song Funky Ceili on air on March 17th, 2006. No one at the station knew I was pregnant (first trimester nervousness), but he played that song and I had a name for my first born.

As soon as I told everyone my news he was the first to congratulate me with a huge hug, and whispered in my ear that he was jealous. Less than a week later he announced that his wife was pregnant. The rest of the year was spent swapping stories about the kidlets and playdates. He told me the best part about having kids is the fact that you get to pick on them.

I saw him a few months ago at Skully's where he immediately whipped out his cell phone and we swapped pictures of the kids.

Yes he loved musice, was the heart of Columbus radio, but what I will remember most is that he was his deep love for his wife and his children.

So here is to you Andyman "Taking Calls" in heaven, and yeah I know it's a "good story...could have used a vampire or two."

Miss you....
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