Upcycled Awesome #4 Hotlist

Sometimes life with little ones can be quite chaotic and posting goes by the wayside. I just want to say I am still here and Upcycled Awesome will be back for round five tomorrow.

I just wanted to thank everyone for posting to my linky party and I have a few new projects to add to my "To-Do" list. You guys are truly awesome upcyclers and I could not be more impressed. I would love to feature all of the upcycled goodness, but I have picked three that I think everyone should try:

Swing Time Design has these awesome coasters that I am dying to try. Actully I don't have an old set of mass produced coasters like they used, but I am sure that problem can be quickly resolved with a trip to Goodwill. Check out these out:


Zippers seem to be all the rage these days and they are so easy to get a hold of. I would love to upcycle a boring pair of flats into some snazzy Zipper Ballet Flats like Shannon over at Shannon Makes Stuff did.


And finally the upcycle that makes me so drool. Rachel aka Redpunzel repurposed an old entertainment center into the neighborhoods coolest play kitchen. I actually bought a dresser to repurpose into a play kitchen, but yeah, I haven't gotten around to it yet. Check this bad boy out:


Thanks again to everyone who linked up and i can not wait to see what this weeks linky party brings.

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