Weekly Wrap Up

It's official I am obsessed with spray paint. Yes I know it is not the most envirnmentally friendly of items so I have to give it up. Oh well I had fun while it lasted (until hubsters reminded me that its bad for the environment to which I responded, so is driving a car). If anyone knows an environmentally friendly alternative to my obsession please let me know.

I am postponing my Etsy Shop set-up until August. More on why to come at a later date.

My husband can not stop eating Reindeer sausage, my non red-meat eating self is grossed out.

And I will be participating in True Colors: Exposed at

River Colors Studio & Blackbird Baking Company tomorrow from 12-5. Just look for the girl with all of the T-shirt dresses. I was going to post some of what I will be sewing, but I never got around to taking the pictures. 

This event is being put on by the Cleveland Craft Coalition. Check out their facebook page if you have a chance because they truly do rock. I mean how awesome is there logo?

Yeah I know it is so cool.

Hope to see you there, if not you will just have to wait till August to purchase something from my ETSY shop.

Have a great weekend! Oh and if you haven't linked up to Upcycled Awesome it is open until Sunday night. 

Keep Repurposing (okay this is my lame attempt at trying out a new tagline. I think this one is a thumbs down.)

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