Calling All Guest Bloggers

Well I am shaking things up again. I am celebrating my favorite of favorite holidays Saint Patricks Day, hence the new header and signature. I would have done a special series of St. Patrick's Day crafts but darn it everyone has been so sick around my house I can barely find time to type this little post.

Luckily the kids are much better, sadly I am not. Oh well. That's just the Winter season.

So what am I looking for? Well I am looking for a few bloggers in crime for my next feature:

Spring Stashbusting

Are you brave enough to volunteer to write a guest post? Are you brave enough to pledge another month of not shopping? I think you can do it, just email me at and we will schedule your post (a teaser will appear here and the main post will appear on your blog).

What are you waiting for... Start planning your Stashbust.