What To Do? The Linky Dilemna

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 I just found out this morning that McLinky, which I use for Upcycled Awesome, is going to begin to charge a monthly fee on February 7th.

The fee is rather minimal, $2 a month, but you have to pay a year in advance. Now the reasoning is legitimate (ads and donations are not cutting it), the fee is minimal, and well there is not another linky tool out there I can think of that allows you to post thumbnails for free.

My problem, and it really isn't one, is that I was hooked on the free version and darn it I hate to pay for something that I have been taking advantage of for no cost for months.

So will paying for it make me throw more linky parties? Do linky parties really make this blog? What do you think of a text link instead of the luscious pictures the linky tool thumbnail shows?

I know I will be paying, heck I don't want to lose all of my past linky party information. I just thought that I would throw this info out their to all of you to let you know.

I also included a link that just shows titles. It's pretty bland, don't you think? Anyway add the name of your blog, check out the other blogs, and share the blog love (just trying to emphasize how linkies do increase page views).

**Update - I bit the bullet and just subscribed to Linky tools for the year! Yeah for continuing the Upcycled Awesome Awesomeness!**

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