Veggie Dogs and Tummy Troubles

American-style pigs in blankets.Image via WikipediaTalk about an amazing title to a blog post.

Seriously though my regularly schedule blog post for tonight is on hold because my idea to serve veggie dogs in a pigs in a blanket format was a miserable failure. Yes the kids lapped them up but darn the indigestion in my belly now is so annoying!

Well I am off to sleep it off (the ginger ale is not cutting it).

I will be back with a fun informative post about one of the following topics tomorrow:

1. The crisis in the middle east?
2. How to make cheap foaming soap (use Dr. Bronners and water in a faoming soap pump ~ I guess that is not long enought for a post).
3. Or upcycling newspapers into craft paper.

Your guess is as good as mine.



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