Upcycled Awesome turns 100 a.k.a. Why I stayed with Linky Tools

So the big decision this week, to stay with Linky Tools or try something different.

Well I stayed because i hate change, and yes their is now a cost, but I truly believe that being able to provide my readers with a picture of my fellow bloggers upcycled project is so very important.

I put together Upcycled Awesome because I could not find any other weekly linky list that showcased upcycled and green crafting projects on a weekly basis. I love green crafts and I personally need the to see what other options there are when it comes to crafting goodness.I am a visual person and I need to be able to see what you guys have made.

I have to say i am quite happy that I finally reached my goal of getting to 100 entries. I mean that is huge for a very small little blog that only focuses on making something out of well something you already have.

So thank you each and every on of you for sticking with me through this decision and backing me up by participating in my weekly linky party. I really appreciate it and I really appreciate each and every one of you!