No New Clothes Challenge: I Need Jeans

I am a whopping nine days into the No New Clothes For Six Months challenge and I already ripped one of my three pairs of jeans that fit. I need to buy jeans.

I guess I don't need new jeans, but the thing is I got a whole in yet another pair, and now what is a girl to do.


I would try to make some, because it's a no new clothes challenge and how hard could it be to make jeans. Actually I would say it is way beyond my sewing talents.  The fabric alone would cost me more then buying a new pair.

But alas, it is a challenge. I could just patch them, but inner thigh patches (Yeah that is one of the places they ripped) just look tacky.

So nine days down of the no new clothes for six months challenge, and five months and 23 days until I can go out and buy a new pair of jeans.