Operation Valentines Day

I am truly blessed.

I know that.  I have my health and my family. 

With Valentines Day coming up a dear blogging friend Kimberely over at Bugaboo, Mini, Mr., and Me asked me to share this with you:

Late last week, my very dear friend Katrina lost her husband 
due to complications from diabetes.  

He was only 32.  

They have four beautiful, young children.  

Katrina lost the love of her life during the holiday season and is left to care for her children by herself.  Katrina has always been a stay at home mom.  She runs a daycare from her home and her husband - a jack of all trades who had been on disability for a number of years - was basically the sole provider for their family and had no life or health insurance.  

I know she is fearful of being able to take care of her children now.

Please help support Operation Valentines day to help Katrina during the Valentines Day this year. Proceeds will go toward buying her gift cards for groceries and Walmart. 

Please visit Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. and Me for more information: 

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