Now Live From the ER

I went on an amazing ski weekend to Ellicotville, New York with a group of friends this weekend.

When I planned the trip I was nervous, but not because I thought I would end up here:

Bertrand  Chaffee Hospital
Yes I managed to get myself checked into the hospital, scored a sweet IV, and lived to tell about driving for thirty minutes with the hubster in the middle of nowhere through a bunch of backwoods streets in a snow storm.

I am still recovering, but I am back home getting ready to launch Project Recycled tomorrow. I had some great suprizes planned for tomorrow, but right now I honestly just want to get the contest up and running and go back to bed.

So please check back tomorrow for the first round of Project Recycled!

I can't wait.

Now I am about to head back up to bed (I will spare you the details but I didn't break anything, it was just a complication that stemmed from having interstitial cycstitis)

Peace, Love, and Recycling,