Project Recycled - Starting Monday

I can not believe it is almost here.

I have been working diligently behind the scenes to got a new and exciting contest up on the Internet.

That contest is Project Recycled!

What I have been doing :)

I have been building a little business taking shirts from mommas and turning them into dresses and for kidlets. I have been having so much fun I thought, what if their was a contest. A chance for other recycling and upcycling seamstresses to transform something old and mundane into something beautiful and wearable.

So starting next week we will have seven wonderful contestants competing for the title of the first Project Recycled winner. Hopefully you will not only stay tuned and check out the amazing items that they create, but you will also vote. Your votes will decide each week who gets to go on to the next round.

Everyone will have a blog button up on the side of the blog soon so please click over, check them out, and enjoy the contest!