Three Months Down, Three to Go

Regular followers know I am challenging myself to buy no new clothes for six months.

I have found out that this is a little harder then I first thought.  Like magic two of my five pairs of jeans got holes in them, and not the type of trendy holes in areas that can be patched.

So I am low on jeans, I started Butterick 5206 like three months ago for a trip in early February and now aim to have it done buy Easter, and I feel everything I own seems to be shrinking and morphing into belly shirts. No one wants to see my belly.

On the plus side I have learned a lot about clothes, and my shopping habits. I did not think I had a problem with over-consumption. I might have been wrong?

 I buy almost everything on sale, and with that in mind I am always on the hunt for some thrift goodness. The thing is most of the time when things go on triple clearance at Target and you can get a shirt for $1.97 it is not because it fits well. It is also not because it is high quality and will resist everyday wear and tear.

Now I am not saying that a bargain is a bad thing. I still plan on finding them when I am allowed to go shopping again. I just realize that I need to change my focus from buying really cheap new items to buying moderately priced thrifted items. Thrifting gives me the opportunity to search out something that has already been loved and give it a second life. I also have the chance to buy something either vintage and different then anyone else has, or an item that I could not afford otherwise (Someone just scored a Picasso at my favorite thrift store in Columbus).

So the challenge has taught me that the way I have been shopping needs to be altered when I go back to buying new clothes.

Have you been following along? What have you learned buy stopping your shopping?

Till Next Time,