T-Shirt Tuesday

http://3punkmom.blogspot.com/2010/05/drive-thru-tutorial-toddler-ruffle-t.htmlIt's that time of the week again, T-Shirt Tuesday. Featuring the best T-Shirt refashions I could find on the web. If you have a submission for T-Shirt Tuesday please email me with a picture and a link to your T-Shit refashion on your blog. Until I hear from you check these beauties out.

I think I might just be in love with this website because of the name: Living With Punks. This

I love the skirt she matches it with and the white t-shirt just looks so stylish I might make an adult version.

When I opened up the latest email from J.Crew I saw an awesome top that looked so easy to make. Well before I even got around to trying to duplicate it Brittany (who is brilliant) made an easy to follow tutorial on Love Stitched:

I need to make one of these asap. I mean how easy and adorable.

Finally we have Becky's Craft closet and this adorable Scruncy T-shirt. I love it and she promised she is coming out with a tutorial soon.

I want to make one now keep up the good work.

Well thank you for stopping by and feel free to email me with anything you think I need to link to for the next T-Shirt Tuesday. Oh and don't forget to join the Upcycled Awesome link party tomorrow.
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